Wednesday, December 31, 2003


I deserved some honesty
At least
And by large
Honesty is simply the best policy
Why can’t you understand that?

I need to leave
Go with my own heart saying
While I never trying to over understanding you
I’m tired of guessing
Maybe sorry not enough now
And I just can’t turn my back now

Just go
Separate ways
No regret whatsoever here
We maybe fall
But today will make a better tomorrow

I need honesty friends
While there a lack inside you
I only see a good thing in others

So now
I just leaving you with all your excuses there
Please keep it to another’s
Now it’s sound too clichés to me
The path we both choose is just another way of doing things
So let go
To the vertical horizon
I don’t have any regret knowing you
Life goes on.

30th December 2003

I like this poem....How bout you..dear readers?

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