Friday, March 11, 2011

Sesudah setahun menyepi..

Salam my blog..What to start with..hurmm..

I hv not  blogging for more than 1 year 2010.  Plus not been working plus not very frequent using English daily..I think my English become rotten..

So today, I am proudly writing my current post for year 2011.  Hopefully I will add few posts in this year..Pray for that.  I am more to FB compare to blog.

Jan this year, my CCE got into an accident and only last week, I managed to get back my CCE after 2 wks ++  in workshop Tan Choong.  To add more prob, my anothe WGD also sent to Perodua workshop a month before that.. so we left with no transport.  Thank God that my dear darling  hubby was fine without any injury except CCE was quite badly "injured".  Iskk..isk...[Hubby drove CCE that day]..

Feb.. Bought Kak Mia bike actually..she like it very much..Haziq inherits kakak's  tricycle.

Mac.. Everything get back to norm with new look of WGD..silver color was so awesome..