Monday, February 23, 2009

"Your" time will come..

Just to update few things that happened lately in our family life...Actually many things had happened and we as only "hambaNya" only able to do what we could do within our limit...


14 January - our beloved adik just released from "curfew" for a year.
20 January - mak had operation of womb removal due to very "annoying" fibroid inside.

Adik become someone else that we almost unable to recognize that she is our adik..Very weird behave.

We expect that the "old stories" rehaunted us again. And after few days at IPDK, we had to admit that adik had to undergo special treatment that we can't do it ourselves. Believe or not we are so mad and angry to that particular person who purposely did that to our family and I swear I would not let that people freely live outside after this..

That damn and so "bangang" people will deserve to wahtsoever thing that he/she will face afterthis.

My mom and dad of course had a very severe broken hearted with my "adik" new appearance after 1 yr curfew. Help me pray to Allah that we would have the best to cure this things .

I am so touch with this video song.. make me wanna cry..So sedih one..

Sunday, February 01, 2009


Aku skrg tengah pening lalat, lemah2 badan, awal2 pagi aku muntah...tak boleh masak, masuk dapur pon aku dah rasa semacam....

Well....what do you think? Pls refer to ticket on top of this page..